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Danpal Wall Cladding Offers Many Advantages

The Danpal Wall Cladding System offers a lightweight and visually appealing solution for waterproof protection while delivering superior insulation. Leveraging natural ventilation through an air gap, the convective movement behind the cladding ensures the insulation remains dry and efficient. The unique double notching of Danpal cladding systems guarantees impeccable water resistance. Crafted from connector-bound Microcell polycarbonate panels, the cladding is lightweight and durable, weighing only a third of traditional rainscreen cladding. Installing this external wall cladding on any facade type is quick and straightforward, as connections are made directly to the support, eliminating the need for additional supporting structures.

interior wall cladding wide range of colours

Wall Cladding Provides Insulation

The lifespan of a building depends on the calibre of its waterproofing materials. With DanpalSA’s wall cladding, building exteriors can effectively withstand the harmful effects of snow, rain, wind, hail, and sunlight from penetrating the interior.

In most IEA countries, buildings consume 40% of primary energy and, if they are not properly constructed and maintained, their carbon footprint can harm the planet.

Energy escaping from the inside of a structure costs the owner money. Insulation keeps energy inside so that temperatures remain consistent. If moisture penetrates the insulation, energy efficiency cannot be maintained. To safeguard the longevity of a building, exterior wall cladding provides complete protection.

Danpal wall cladding includes connector-bound microcell polycarbonate sheets and double-notching. These form a line of defence to keep out the rain and snow that could allow moisture to seep into the building. The cladding uses a convective motion to keep insulation dry, giving buildings insulation protection needed to maintain health.

Customised Wall Cladding

Rather than constraining designs to rigid templates, Danpal’s wall cladding embraces an extensive selection of colours and designs. The panels are fully customizable, with a standard length of up to 12 metres.

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