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Imagine it and we can finish it with colour

Create an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary look with our products

With stunning effects for branding prints and finishes, Danpalon® glazing panels are perfect every time.
With the help of these products you can get creative with your design schemes by giving them an artistic edge that will set the panel project apart from others!
vertical outdoor louvre shading

Panels can have Softlite applied permanently during the manufacturing process

Our Danpalon® glazing panels offer both visual comfort and energy efficiency. We do this by reducing the "neon" effect with our exclusive Softlite treatment. Our 100% permanent matte coating is applied during manufacturing to one or two external surfaces of the panel for reduced light transmission. This is perfect for light diffusion!

Available in any colour range and with the Danpalon® 3DLITE, Microcell and Kinetic panels.
Dynamic Kinetic look for a polycarbonate lighting effects of any building

The Appearance of Buildings Change with the Light

Danpalon® panels come in a wide range of tints and colours. Opaque Danpalon® give buildings an opaque, bright appearance while translucent ones create beautiful effects as light changes throughout the day.

Opaque Cladding is a common order!
Visually attractive cladding

You have to choose between two colours? Why not have both!

Want a different colour on each side of your walls? You can have both thanks to the Danpal Microcell bi-colour option. With this system, you won’t need double glazing due to its flexibility and ability to change colours depending on what look or effect you desire.
Window glazing material Danpolon Microcell 10mm Honeycomb

The only panel that's made for low E ceilings, roofs and walls

Danpalon's unique pearlescent finish significantly limits solar heat gain without affecting light transmission levels. This works by selectively blocking non-visible light spectrum, reducing air conditioning requirements and maximizing energy efficiency in a building.

Fire protection is the ultimate way to secure your buildings, and these fire retardant products will be perfect for you

Danpalon® FP microcell panels have fire retardant additives embedded into them without changing the appearance. These special additives significantly reduce smoke and flame spread in large scale façade tests, making it an essential choice for use on buildings where compartmentalization of fires is important to achieve safe outcomes.
Specially made Danpalon® FP microcell have fire retardant additives embedded into the panel, without visually changing the appearance. These specially developed additives significantly reduce smoke and flame spread. Their superior performance in large scale façade tests make them an essential choice for use on large buildings, where fire compartmentalisation is an important factor in achieving a fire engineered design solution.

Compliment your design with large scale imagery

Vinyl or print graphics can be applied directly to the panels in factory conditions, creating signage elements and adding colour.
Danpal Facade ideas

Create unique lighting elements with LED lights.

Our extensive range of panels and finishes offers a rich palette for creating innovative spaces, increasing luminosity in hallways or bathrooms while adding texture to the space.

Danpal gives architects and designers artistic freedom. Experiment with your own illumination options using our wide variety of reflective, pearlescent, and matte finishes.
interior wall cladding lighting elements with LED

Graffiti and Pollution protectant

Danpal HP is a graffiti and pollution protectant for Danapalon 3DLITE and Microcell panels that can be applied to any colour. The formula makes it easier than ever before to remove spray paint and grime from the walls of your building.

Our heat welded ends means you don't need to worry about contaminants at all!

Danpalon® Microcell panels are made of high quality materials to ensure durability and provide a long life. The heat welded ends prevent water, dirt or insects from getting inside the cells. These clean and effective long-term solutions help customers maintain their microcells for over 10 years.

Double layers for extra insulation

Double layer options provide extra insulation. These layers can be supplemented with various insulation materials to offer unparalleled thermal performance. In addition reflective and conductive insulation is potentially as good as conventional opaque cladding. Consider allowing natural light through a translucent roof or translucent cladding system.

Acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort is important for many people, and Danpal has the resources to help you choose a system that will provide this. As an inherently lightweight product, it was necessary to conduct local and international testing on various systems in order to give customers as much variety as possible when it comes to choosing what works best for them acoustically.

Easy Automation

Danpal's lightweight materials are conducive to easy automation, both with common building systems and through dynamic operability.

Danpal Life Expectancy

Danpalon® polycarbonate panels are made from the highest quality resin and have market-leading UV protection technology. This ensures superior colour stability, longevity, and durability.

Independent testing proves that after ten years, Danpalon® panels are guaranteed to have retained almost all of its original light transmission properties and remained highly impact-resistant; demonstrating only minimal loss in strength over time.

With the harsh South African climate in mind, it is no surprise that Danpalon® panels have a proven history of success over decades. There are many projects where Danpalon® polycarbonate has been used successfully for more than 25 years. You can expect this lifespan on your project too!

Danpalon® is a type of panelling that has been in use for 30 years and remains 100% leak-proof. There are no age-related issues with the panels because they don't rely on gaskets, sealants or adhesives.

Danpal offers a minimum 10-year guarantee and extended manufacturer’s warranties on projects.
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