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Our range is perfect for architects, designers, homeowners and more

We love bringing amazing ideas to life. Whether you're looking for customised systems or standard ones, our talented team of experts will help bring your vision into fruition while catering to all your needs and requirements.
We offer high-quality translucent and transparent polycarbonate systems for:
Façades, roofing, skylights, interior applications such as partitions or display cases. We also offer opaque cladding solutions to add on internal walls.

We'll transform the appearance of any surface with a wide array of rainbow shades

Danpal glazing materials bring your ideas to life through a wide range of beautiful colours and finishes. With complete customisation available, Danpal products ensure that your artistic vision will last for years. You can rely on the quality and durability when choosing from the extensive collection including colourful yet practical choices. You can expect unparalleled results in both indoor or outdoor spaces such as homes, schools or commercial buildings like restaurants, shops and malls.

Create a space that reflects who you are

The Danpalon® microcell panels come in a range of finishes like matte, iridescent looks and optimal surface protection treatments. We offer these high quality materials so you can control the way your room looks and feels. This can be set according to the mood or atmosphere that suits you best!

Our panels are durable, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and sustainable

Our glazing panels are compatible with special framing, making the process lightweight and watertight. We also use no adhesives or caulking so you can be sure that your system will last longer than traditional systems too!

The superior double-tooth standing seam connection and microcell structure of the panels provides exceptional strength, unique aesthetic interest harnesses natural light to create a source of comfort.

Trust Danpalsa to get the balance just right

Danpal is the go-to company for experts who want to achieve balance with their lighting. We offer high quality, state of the art solutions that will perfectly suit your project’s need.
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