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Aluminium Frame Façade

Using our products makes it easier for you to achieve LEED and Green Star certification.

Framed facades can reduce your heating and cooling costs

How? By providing an additional layer of insulation and by creating an airtight seal that prevents heat from escaping. Framed facades systems are made up of a series of panels that are attached to the exterior of a building.

The facade system can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, metal, glass, plastic and wood. Facade systems are often used in conjunction with other energy-saving measures, such as double-glazed windows and insulation.
Framed single glazed facade

Create a cleaner, more sophisticated aesthetic for your building

Are you all about aesthetics? Framed Facades has so many design solutions and features for you to choose from. The facade components utilises high-impact resistance tributary aluminium framed sections and integrated vertical connectors.

A proprietary perimeter aluminium frame, designed for strength as well as optimal light diffusion provides even thermal comfort while still providing a seamless aesthetic with the Danpalon® Microcell glazing panels which offer incredible insulation properties.

Employees will be more productive and happier at work when they have natural light

Danpal Framed Façades can be designed and installed as a single- or double-layered dry-glazed daylighting system, which enables the integration of LED lighting systems or light diffusing insulation.

Designing the next project with an optimal daylight solution can be difficult. We use Modular Facade Systems as a great answer for you!

With our Danpal modular facades, we're able to provide maximum flexibility and design in any application as well as optimise the natural light levels of your space.
Product Advantages
Achieve the Optimal Balance of Insulated Daylighting with a Framed Facade
The Danpal Façade System is a revolutionary new technology that has thermal and light balancing benefits.

They provide even lighting with tight spacing between panels that have excellent thermal insulation to maintain an optimum temperature inside your space.
The Optimal Balance of Insulated Daylighting
The Aluminium Framed Facade is an attractive double locking seam design that's both durable and speedy to install!
The Danpal architectural façade system is designed to be a dry-glazed daylighting system.

The double "click" locking seam enables the higher load resistance and lower installation time required for this framed façade means that it's less expensive than traditional glazing bar-framed systems.
We are committed to sustainability and keeping the environment in mind
Danpal Framed Façades are environmentally friendly because they provide high insulation levels to reduce energy consumption requirements.
Aluminium Framed Facade is the best for South African weather
Danpal Façade Systems are made strong to withstand harsh UV rays, rain, hail, wind, and other elements. The unique interlocking design also protects against air infiltration while preventing water leaks and dirt build-up on the exterior of your building in any climate conditions.

The Danpal Façade System is a weather-ready product that can handle anything mother nature throws at it- from extreme heat waves to torrential downpours!
Unique Benefits
Our unique material is not only light and impact-resistant, but also meets your every need.
Danpalon's line of solar panels are perfect for any home looking to stay prepared in this climate. Their high impact resistance and superior air tightness will keep your family safe in tough weather conditions.

Their easy installation process makes it faster than ever before. Not only that but the light weight design is perfect if you're worried about transportation!
The different types of facades and their characteristics
There are many different types of facades, each with its own unique benefits. Here are some of the most popular types of facade systems:
• Framed Facade
• Glass Facade
• Green Facade
• Solar Facade
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