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Insulation Glazing

Focus on thermal insulation

Thermal insulation increases the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from extreme weather conditions

Danpalon® polycarbonate panels are an excellent option for the construction and design industry. They offer a wide range of benefits, including increased durability, impact resistance, thermal insulation, airtightness and water tightness. Danpalon's panel edges have teeth that lock together to form strong seams - ideal for building commercial projects with roofs or walls requiring extra strength!

Danpalons' superior double-tooth standing seam edges provide added protection against impacts by creating durable joints while microcell structure increases non permeability through preventing moisture vapor from entering the roofing material as well as reducing convective heat loss in winter time which makes it suitable not only for residential but also commercial buildings.

Danpalon panels provide increased durability impact resistance thermal insulation air and water tightness

Use our lightweight yet heavy duty materials for a structure that doesn't sacrifice quality or performance. These panels are made to last and protect!

Our durable paneling is perfect for any environment and space. Thermal insulation keeps cold or hot air out!

Danpalon® Polycarbonate panels are made to be strong and durable, but the company also takes into consideration that it needs to look good too. This is why they have created a honeycomb-shaped panelling system with tight spacing for increased insulation power in order make their product more attractive when installed onto any building surface.

Window glazing material Danpolon Microcell 10mm Honeycomb

The superior design help guarantee long term functionality and weather resistance

Danpalon® Microcell panels are tough and versatile. The superior impact strength ensures that you'll be able to protect your property for years, while the high-quality light diffusion provides a uniform glow to all of your interior spaces. You can use this product in any exterior or interior application; as doorways or windows, room dividers, decorative features--the possibilities are endless!

Glazing Material Danpalon Microcell Green
Product Advantages
Use Danpalon to significantly lower your carbon footprint and energy usage. Eco friendly alternative!
Thanks to Danpalon's® fine microcell structure, we get better thermal insulation through significantly lower thermal conductivity and exceptional ventilation. Our panels are manufactured with ten times the number of cells than the standard sheet on the market!
Unique way to get the benefits of traditional low cost solutions with improved microcell structure
Danpalon® panels, with their unique standing seam edge and density in additional layers and cells make them stronger against hailstones. The minimal space between the vertical is what makes Danpalons hard to break through!
Natural and radiant feel with a lower carbon footprint
Architects have begun to explore ways of making spaces feel more natural and radiant. Danpalon® is a great way for architects because it contributes to optimal efficiency, significant savings in energy costs, transmits an even diffusion of light that produces rich looks and comfortable ambient space with its microcell structure specifically designed for architectural daylight applications which has tight spacing between ribs producing exceptional quality lights that are uni-directional.
Our (private) three dimensional design is unlike any other panel on the market
The Danpalon® 3DLite panels use louvres that are opaque and translucent, providing balanced light with privacy. The three-dimensional structural design challenges other polycarbonate panels by integrating solar shading within the cells in order to block direct light while allowing indirect sunlight to pass through for a different visual appearance which provides complete privacy when used correctly.
Unique Benefits
Get better insulation for your home or office
100% leak-proof and has 99.9% UVR blocked while also being able to withstand high impact, hailstone resistance as well as excellent thermal insulation qualities! Lightweight with a high diffused daylight quality.
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