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Lighting Effect Glazing

Aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional

Danpalon® Kinetic panels are a brand new and innovative panel that offers extraordinary design possibilities

This innovative new panel brings you exciting design possibilities without compromising quality. Unlike any other extrusion technology, the Danpalon® Kinetic panels have an internal multicellular structure that integrates alternating coloured surfaces diagonally between the two outer skins to create a stunning effect with no colour limitations.

large kinetic polycarbonate lighting effects lamina

Create a stunning animated façade, wall or partition with this innovative product

Danpalon® Kinetic is a new technology that can help create animated facades, partitions and walls with dynamic effects. With its polycarbonate panelling material that is both lightweight yet durable, it simultaneously satisfies today’s building codes while providing an aesthetic unlike any other in a new age where screens dominate our everyday lives. And Danpalsa's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there- we use only eco-friendly materials so your design is environmentally conscious.
Dynamic Kinetic look for a polycarbonate lighting effects of any building
Product Advantages
The standing seam edge system provides increased durability
Danpalon is a company that produces advanced polycarbonate insulation panels. These elegant sheets are composed of two diagonal walls separated by an energy-efficient material called Kinetic Poly, which offer amazing U values and light transmission while also balancing the weight in between each panel! This means your roof will be more durable with stronger seams than ever before thanks to Danpalon's fantastic innovation!
Incorporate motion into your design with Danpalon® Kinetic panels
Danpalon® Kinetic panels provide a dynamic and animated effect that brings any space to life. With the two-colours game, these unique designs allow for intriguing variations in lighting, colour opacity and translucency - all depending on angle from which they are seen. The building changes its appearance according to the view point of whoever is looking at it; providing an engaging experience with every new perspective
Virtually limitless combinations of colours, styles, and patterns
The Danpalon® Kinetic panels are a dynamic design solution that changes based on the viewer's perspective. With two colours to be seen from either side, these flashy and fascinating designs provide endless possibilities!
Unique Benefits
Installation is easy and the unique experience it provides will be unforgettable
Take a walk on the wild side with this innovative approach to window treatments. With two colours in one polycarbonate panel, you can create an infinite variety of stylish and contemporary looks for your home or office space by alternating opacity and translucency – never be bored again! This environmentally friendly product is also fully recyclable so that it's as green as possible too.
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