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Interior wall Cladding

Convective motion with insulation

Choose your cladding colours to match with your house's style

High Performance & Low Maintenance Polycarbonate Interior wall Cladding
Aesthetic, low maintenance and durable cladding that is as easy to clean as it looks.
Green Colour Cladding
Product Advantages
Bring out the beauty in any garage or farming greenhouse with a protective barrier
Get the interior cladding you need for your construction project with ease! All of our panels are lightweight, strong and durable. The system is compatible with most building types using connectors that attach to the structure in a way that ensures water tightness. Our exclusive double notching design makes it perfect for use on any type of site or project out there - will it be residential? Commercial? Industrial Construction Site or farming
Unique Benefits
Environmentally friendly, aesthetic and cost effective
Our cladding panels will help you save time and money on maintenance by reducing the need for repairs or replacements. With our anti-UV exterior tiles, your building's appearance won't be compromised even in wet conditions!
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