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Skylight Roof

Translucent Skylight that maximizes natural light

Skylight systems are a great way to bring natural light into your building.

Danpavault is an innovative barrel vault skylight system that offers the benefits of a traditional skylight with the flexibility and design options of a roof window. It's made from durable, low-maintenance materials and can be installed in any type of roofing material including metal or concrete. The translucent panels allow for more natural light than other types of industrial skylights, while still providing privacy and security for your home.

If you're looking for an easy way to add natural light into your space without compromising on style or durability, this is it! With Danpavault you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional skylight without sacrificing anything else - like energy efficiency or safety. Plus, installation only takes about minimal time so you'll be able to start enjoying its many advantages right away!

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Industrial Skylight

Translucent panels are better than glass or metal for natural light sources in commercial buildings

Translucent panels are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit any design needs. These lightweight yet durable materials can be used instead of glass or metal for large commercial skylights that will provide natural light as well as many other benefits like thermal insulation and long-term UV protection.

Danpalon®’s translucent panels offer an alternative solution to traditional metals or glasses when it comes to protecting walls from the elements while designing your space with style in mind at all times! Often considered more affordable than their counterparts, these full service solutions come ready made with precise measurements so you know they'll fit neatly into tight spaces but still allow enough room for ventilation.

Skylight in Randburg

Cut costs from heating and cooling by using skylight panels

Danpavault has a unique design that can be installed as an independent skylight or over any type of metal roofing. This makes it perfect for both new and retrofit construction projects where the size isn't too big but still needs to provide light into your building.
Skylight Roof
Product Advantages
Experience in industrial design and engineering
Danpavault is the brainchild of Danpalon, a company with extensive experience in industrial design and engineering. The barrel vault system provides an unlimited translucent skylight that diffuses light to give you more brightness per area than flat-roofed buildings.

The capacity for watertightness means this roofing option also lasts longer when it comes to leakages or construction issues which can cause damage such as corrosion on metallic surfaces like steel or zinc sheeting panels - not so with danpavaults!
Flexible to fit any structure
Danpavault's new pyramidal skylight is perfect for large spaces. With the ability to cut back on electricity consumption during the day, Danpavault can be designed with a range of aluminium framing options that fit any structure.

Natural light infusion

Light is the driving force behind all life. Danpalon® provides a way to infuse natural light into any building without compromising on quality or safety. The tight spacing of these panels traps sunlight in an even diffusion, which makes this clear material resistant to hail and impact damage as well as being non-conductive for electricity hazards like lightning strikes due to its extreme durability compared with glass.
Unique Benefits
Compatible, lightweight long life and watertight
The barrel vault design is a roofing system that offers many benefits for your building. It can provide better light than if there was just one flat ceiling or open space in the room. The self-supporting nature of this type of installation makes it perfect for any structure too difficult to build with ordinary materials like wood beams. Plus, this style doesn't need additional support from other framing members! This construction method also works well on most types of roofs because you don't have much difficulty finding compatible designs when working with such versatile material choices (e.g., slate tiles). Furthermore, its lightweight weight means easier installation, while features like impact resistance, unlimited length make sure these skylights are the market leader!
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