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Glazing for balancing daylight

Look more three-dimensional and unique

3D panels for your next event or meeting room

The new polycarbonate panel (3D LITE) is not your average window. Not only does it offer a unique appearance, but its internal structure has an alternating design of transparent and opaque louvres that creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth.
Block direct heat and glare
Light Levels during the day 3D Lite Danpalon Glazing

Creating an environment for your patients and staff that requires minimal artificial lighting helps everyone see well, stay alert, and promotes healing.

Architectural designs are no longer limited by only using windows and skylights for natural light

There are many ways to use natural light in interior design. Danpalon 3DLite is a great option, and it can be used as an effective solution for controlling the level of natural light, illumination and solar heat penetration.

Danpalon 3DLite helps control the amount of sunshine coming into your home by filtering out harmful UV rays that could lead to skin cancer or cataracts.
3D Lite Panel energy savings and increased lighting efficiency

Enjoy the visual effect of louvres without losing comfort or aesthetics with our new 3dLite Polycarbonate Panel

Danpalon® 3DLite is a new product that provides the visual effect of louvres in an entirely waterproof solution. It's also cost-effective and stops direct heat and glare from getting into your building during the hottest part of day. The innovative panel structure helps capture morning or afternoon sunlight while blocking overhead sun, which can be perfect for roofing applications as well as walling solutions to keep you cool on hot days!
3D Lite Danpal 16mm Dynamic light diffusion
Product Advantages
Our double-tooth edges provide increased durability and impact resistance
Standing seam connections are easy to assemble because all Danpalon® panels come with double-tooth standing seams that provide increased durability and air tightness. The added UV protection on the edges also help seal out water damage in any circumstance, making installation a breeze.
Use Danpalon 3DLite to reduce the effects of glare and heat
The Danpalon® 3DLite is a 22mm thick by 600mm wide polycarbonate glazing product that has two layers of advanced film with an interstitial space to provide you the best in benefits. Optimum natural light, energy-savings and increased lighting efficiency all await!
The light is scattered in various sections throughout the room rather than one section being overloaded with light like traditional windows.
Danpalon® 3DLite panels are specially designed to balance and diffuse the optimal amount of light throughout the day, reducing heat to your building. The louvre structure is made up of small slats that allow room for natural sunlight in while blocking out excess heating rays - all without altering any daylighting effects or visibility into a space.
Our (private) three dimensional design is unlike any other panel on the market
The Danpalon® 3DLite panels use louvres that are opaque and translucent, providing balanced light with privacy. The three-dimensional structural design challenges other polycarbonate panels by integrating solar shading within the cells in order to block direct light while allowing indirect sunlight to pass through for a different visual appearance which provides complete privacy when used correctly.
Unique Benefits
3DLite panels are a cost-effective, easy way to get the benefits of natural lighting
The Product is a 3D appearance with its fixed louvres which make it an optimised balance of light and heat. The Bold colour options are also environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, and will have the visual effect of capturing low angle sun but blocking overhead sun in every season.
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