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Interior Polycarbonate Wall Cladding

Interior polycarbonate wall cladding – a perfect solution

Is your home or office space feeling a bit tired? Want to make a change? Interior polycarbonate wall cladding is just what you need. A new and flexible material, polycarbonate’s ability to be cut and moulded into any shape inspires creativity and opens up a world of possibilities.

Best suited to modern or contemporary spaces, interior polycarbonates are visually lightweight and thin, adding depth to your walls without compromising on space.

Add a sense of three dimensions to dull spaces with wall panels

Interior polycarbonate cladding offers the perfect solution for any home or office looking to inject a sense of vitality into their interiors by adding another dimension. The material has a three-dimensional quality ensuring your rooms will feel less flat, more tactile and dynamic – just what you need to turn your living or working space into an exciting, dynamic environment.

Polycarbonate cladding is a great way to decorate your home or office

Adding that ‘wow’ factor, interior polycarbonate cladding can be used to create large scale impact within any interior setting. Whether you’re looking to delineate different areas of a room, create feature walls or emphasise certain architectural points (such as around door frames), the possibilities are endless.

Polycarbonate cladding can also be used to create partitions or run along corridors, adding colour and interest to the most functional of spaces. It is time to forget Timber cladding or wood cladding.

Polycarbonate wall cladding offers the flexibility you need for interior design

It’s flexible Interior polycarbonate wall cladding is a modern material that offers flexibility both aesthetically and practically. By creating an entirely different look, you could opt for varying finishes, from smooth lines to sharp angular shapes.

Polycarbonate wall cladding can also be used to create a floating shelf or a small divider, adding a fashionable and practical twist to your design.

Polycarbonate wall cladding boasts amazing advantages and low maintenance

Working with the latest technology, interior polycarbonate wall cladding is produced using a dynamic and unique process. The resulting product boasts amazing stability, corrosion resistance and great sound insulation properties.

Polycarbonate wall cladding is completely recyclable, with each panel allowing you to create your own bespoke design. Polycarbonate wall cladding is available in many colours and diverse range with smooth or LED light finishes, making it easily aesthetically pleasing to any installation.

The perfect solution for the wow factor in your construction project

Polycarbonate wall cladding is a modern, stylish and versatile new material. Polycarbonate cladding can be cut, moulded and used to make unique shapes, adding depth and intrigue to any space. Polycarbonate wall cladding adds texture to your home without compromising on space or style – it’s the perfect solution to creating the wow factor in your space. Polycarbonate wall cladding is easily installed, with a lightweight design that doesn’t have any hard-wearing limitations. Interior polycarbonate wall cladding can be cut and formed into any shape for unique installations, adding an exciting effect to any room.

CREATE THE ILLUSION OF HEIGHT with interior Polycarbonate wall cladding

There are three ways for a wall to look higher than it actually is:

1. Vertical paneling/stripes

2. Long horizontal stripes

3. Raised ceilings

All three methods rely on the viewer’s brain interpreting what it sees in a certain way, and can be achieved using polycarbonate paneling or, by creating a raised ceiling.

Polycarbonate cladding is a versatile and cost-effective way of creating the illusion of height and can be used in a number of different spaces including lofts, studios, spare rooms, bedrooms or even in kitchens or bathrooms. The open framework does not inhibit natural light from entering the room whilst still providing privacy when required.

Expand your living space by using wall cladding as shelving

Interior wall cladding is a subtle way to add an extra layer of interest to beautifully styled vignettes. It works particularly well in homes and offices looking to channel a modern Hamptons or French provincial style, where the designers worked to create warm, lived-in looks.

Interior polycarbonate cladding can also help divide rooms into multiple areas, which is great for studios and smaller homes. Interior cladding can be made from a number of materials, including Polycarbonate interior ceilings and walls to create an inexpensive solution that’s still highly durable.

Some cladding is even designed with openings, making it easy to display your favourite items. Polycarbonate makes the perfect backdrop for shelving, which can be used to display art, books, vessels and more.

Interior wall cladding adds depth to the room and helps create your desired mood by shading light in different ways. Interior wall cladding panels are great for larger spaces because they are quick and easy to install – they simply click into place.

We provide the perfect backdrop for any modern design

It’s important to have a focal point in your living room, an example of that is from a recent project that got it right with a stunning arch. Polycarbonate wall paneling adds dimension to the space above the door as well as draws your eye towards the centre of the room.

Interior wall cladding is a posh way of saying sheets of plastic stuck on walls – perfect for modern decorating trends.

Your home is your castle

Add dimension with Interior Cladding

A room with large windows and Venetian plaster walls is beautiful in and of itself. Interior cladding, however, gives the space a much needed textural interest that helps it stand out from others of a similar style. Polycarbonate panels add texture to the architectural design when paired with high gloss white polycarbonate panelling on the ceiling.

Our cladding is designed to hold sheets of polycarbonate in place against brick or drywall. Cladding provides warmth and dimension where you need it most in your home’s design especially in an open-concept styled space.

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