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Shade Structures

Polycarbonate is a lightweight, easy to install shade structure that provides thermal comfort while giving an uplifting design statement

The rich colour of this revolutionary new shading solution will not only provide thermal efficiency, but also a vibrant architectural statement. The ultra-smart design replaces the need for heavier, more expensive mechanical louvre systems that are commonly used in multiple structures across South Africa today. Shade structures are a smart system that provides thermal comfort with good light levels while increasing your building’s energy efficiency through its use of lightweight polycarbonate panels which allow cool air inside during hot summer days without sacrificing any natural beauty or aesthetic appeal from outside views!
Horizantal Variable Polycarbonate shade

Design your building to be unique and eye catching with polycarbonate shading

The new dynamic ‘shade-shift technology’ is a breakthrough in exterior shading design, with its ability to adjust automatically so you can enjoy the perfect balance of light and shade.

The new "shade-shift technology" is truly unique in its approach to other external fixed louvre systems. Create internal spaces with the perfect balance of light and shade using premium quality Danpalsa polycarbonate louvres, which are used by architects worldwide.
Variable Polycarbonate shade
Product Advantages
Natural light flow
Using a zigzag pattern, DanpaShade Aura louvres allow for natural light to flow into your space as the sun moves across the sky. The unique cell structure reduces glare and solar radiation with efficient cells that provide shade during any time of day.
Thermally efficient while providing increased energy efficiency
DanpaShade is an energy efficient system that can help your building reduce solar heat gains without relying heavily on HVAC systems. In the summer, DanpaShades keep buildings cool and in winter they increase comfort levels by reducing radiative heating of interior spaces with polycarbonate covers. The products are attractive additions to any architectural design with more open space, while also being eco-friendly because their installation does not require landfill disposal as it uses recycled materials such as steel frames or vinyl which decompose within 20 years
Retrofitting your building
The DanpaShade Aura system or shade structure is an excellent choice for retrofitting your building as it will not damage the façades. This product's polycarbonate louvres are easy to switch out with a variety of colours if you ever need something more refreshing than what you have now! Consider this for a retro patio as we offer various shapes, lengths and styles.
Make a colour statement
The DanpaShade Aura system, by providing translucent louvres that carries two alternating colours and a colour-shift effect. This has the ability to fill your room with colour!
Makers of this revolutionary shading solution are also able to create completely transparent or opaque fins with any desired colour.
Vertical or Horizontal
DanPaShade Aura can be installed on a building at three angles, so you always have the perfect custom shades.
Eye catching and GREEN
DanpaShade Aura lowers your building’s solar heat gains without lessening the benefits of natural light, reducing its reliance on air conditioning and artificial lighting. We'll help you meet current green regulations for buildings while also setting you up to have a carbon neutral structure in no time!
Unique Benefits
Light filtering effect with colour
Unique, Bespoke Polycarbonate Louvre Panels - Easily installed and replaced in both new construction or retro-fit applications. Available with a light filtering or sun protection effect for the best of natural daylight while still providing privacy when desired, these panels provide an energy efficient shading solution that can be easily configured to your building's needs.
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