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Architectural Interiors

Interior Solutions for partitions, ceilings, or even lighting!

Polycarbonate is a revolutionary way to create an open and welcoming space

Interior wall cladding can be used to create a variety of effects.

Danpalsa offers an extensive range of interior wall cladding solutions, from partitions that evoke both intimacy and openness, to translucent ceilings that illuminate the user’s experience. We provide everything needed for your project!

Whether you are looking for a partition solution or something more elaborate like a transparent ceiling, we have the perfect product for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can help you achieve your goals!
interior wall cladding LED lighting elements

Let's get rid of those dark cubicles that are so old school. Go transparent with ceiling solutions from Danpal Interior Solutions.

Danpalon® polycarbonate panels are a perfect way to add light and warmth in any space. They create natural beauty, which will extend throughout your buildings interior as well as exterior walls! With innovative features such as dynamic partitions, backlit feature walls, colourful ceilings and lightweight privacy screens that can be used for partitioning out space without compromising on style.

Add some modern flair to your home with Danpalon®, an ultra-clear acrylic sheet designed especially for architects! Add just enough touches like coloured ceilings or floors & we'll give you that perfect balance between form and function.
interior wall cladding walls and partitions

Luxurious designs for any budget

Danpal Interior's premier design services are not only functional and reliable, but also breathtaking.

The DanPalsa team is committed to building the piece of home you've always wanted with their expertly crafted interior designs that will meet all your needs at an affordable price. With a wide range of styles on offer from contemporary luxuries to rustic chic, they have something for everyone in any budget!
interior wall cladding ceilings
Product Advantages
Increased natural light
Inventive and lightweight, the Danpal Interior system combines translucency with strength. The use of a minimal frame allows for increased natural light to penetrate through your space while also giving you flexibility in design options when incorporating polycarbonate panels into your interior spaces.
Seamless from the floor to the ceiling
The innovative technology inside this polycarbonate system lets it create realistic and seamless environments. The non-intrusive proprietary aluminium connection system allows for walls and partitions, which are created floor-to-ceiling and have a seamless surface finish; these dividers come in single or double layers that give users flexibility. Integrate artificial lighting into your space to create an illuminating glow-- from soft illumination all the way up to full brightness!
Interior Polycarbonate Ceilings
Danpal's Interior ceiling panels are perfect for adding life and colour to any structure. Our interior polycarbonate systems are the best option for covering large areas of ceiling or concrete surfaces. They provide a safer, more convenient solution which does not require heavy construction. Lighting can be integrated and looks clean and sleek.
Rich colours and finishes
If you want your interior to feel new and better, then creating a unified look is the way for you go. You can do this by adding graphic prints or light diffusing insulation through polycarbonate glazing panels that provide rich colours and finishes to give your space depth and illumination.
Show off with intermittent light beams
Danpal gives you the freedom to experiment with lighting in more inventive ways. You can use your creativity by playing around and experimenting with light until it looks perfect for whatever space that needs a little extra pizzazz. Choose from different effects, such as breaking up light beams or showing off specific structures of lights against one another instead of just having all-over illumination like most people are used to seeing when they think about ceiling panels or partitions at home - something old is new again!
Unique Benefits
Unparalleled experience in the design industry - we have been designing beautiful spaces for over 20 years
The Flush Ceiling and Wall Panel System is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. It can be used as walls, ceilings or even soffits in your building and offers unlimited design possibilities! The system has an attractive finish with both open spaces to cosy up together on those cold winter nights but also provides intimate spaces where you have some privacy from everyone else. With its easy installation process this product will provide warmth to any space it's installed into - win-win!
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