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Durable and high quality polycarbonate for window glazing and skylights

Glazing material offers a superior alternative to traditional glass by harnessing solar light

The sun is the best natural source of light and energy. The panel's surface is coated with microcell panels to provide a diffused light that has superior durability and impact resistance.
Danpalsa Microcell polycarbonate panels are manufactured with innovative extrusion technology

Secure, durable modular polycarbonate panels that are designed for the Southern African climate

Polycarbonate panels are a great way to add light and style to your building.

Our polycarbonate panels come in many different colours, shapes, and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your project. They’re also durable enough to withstand high winds and heavy rains without breaking or cracking. And they’re easy to install with our patented Danpal system that makes it simple for anyone!

You don't have to be an expert contractor or architect - we'll help you every step of the way from design through installation. We're here weekdays so if you need any assistance at all just give us a call!

Our material is resistant to UV and guarantees optimal transparency with UV protection

Microcell polycarbonate panels are manufactured with ground-breaking technology, providing ten times more cells than the majority of other available polycarbonate options. The tight spacing between these ribs produces a superior quality of light that is not only translucent but also incredibly strong and durable.
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