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Exterior Polycarbonate Shade

Designers and architects, take control over the light

Protect your design spaces with Polycarbonate shading

Design your spaces with ultimate protection at the front of mind. Danpalsa polycarbonate panels provide maximum control over light and heat, extended UV protection and high impact resistance that can be adjusted to create an energy saving option for any building's shading needs.
Product Advantages
Colour to transform any building
With DanpaShade Umbra shading becomes a creative tool to transform the exterior of an old or new building. With available colours, finishes and effects give your property that fresh appearance with ease!
Using polycarbonate panels for colour
The DanpaShade Umbra translucent shading system can be installed on various types of building environments, and in a variety of colour combinations using co-extruded polycarbonate panels. The system is fully adjustable with other building automation systems for installation flexibility.
Withstand any weather
DanpaShade Umbra is the perfect solution for those seeking a durable and versatile window shade covering that can withstand any weather. The system uses double tooth grip-lock connections, ensuring longevity in even high wind loads.
Low cost installation
The system is made of snap on interlocking dry-glazed connectors, which provide simple and low cost installation. The exterior shading also provides a cooling effect to the building by reducing air conditioning costs.
Unique Benefits
Extend UV protection
Flush, Seamless Finished Surfaces are the latest trend in design. These surfaces boast a wide range of colors and finishes so you can find one that matches your desired aesthetic perfectly. Unsurprisingly, these finished surfaces work well with building automation systems to help regulate temperature as needed while providing either light or dark options for each individual preference. What really makes this type of surface stand out is its lightweight construction; it's quick and cost effective installation making these an ideal choice for those who want their building remodeling project done quickly without damaging existing materials!
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