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Internal wall cladding options

Polycarbonate panels give limitless possibilities for creative spaces

You don't have to worry about your creativity with our polycarbonate panels

Interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike are looking for new ways to make their spaces stand out.

Danpal has a wide range of interior wall cladding that can be used in any space to create a unique ambience. Whether you want your walls to be translucent or opaque, we have the perfect solution for you.

We offer many different types of finishes including matte and glossy textures as well as natural stone-like surfaces. Our products are also easy to install with no need for special tools or skills! All our products are installed so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your new space!
interior wall cladding translucent polycarbonate

Danpalsa is the most innovative interior design company of the decade

Danpalsa Systems are designed to adapt with a building's specific needs. Be it for privacy or enhancing LED lighting, Danpalsa Interior polycarbonate wall cladding systems can easily be tailored to suit any space and event.
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