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Polycarbonate Roofing Daylight Control

Intelligent sensitive light adjustment

Impact Resistant Roof System

The Controlite® Roof system is a new technology that controls the amount of sunlight entering your home. It does so using Danpalon® polycarbonate panels, which has been proven to transmit more light than other materials on roofs without sacrificing quality or performance.

The Controlliate Roof System intelligently senses how much natural light enters each space while also considering factors such as weather patterns and time-of day activities for optimal results with minimal power consumption!

The Controlite® Roof system has been designed with sustainability in mind. It's made from 100% recyclable materials and can be installed on any building type or shape without affecting its appearance or performance. Plus, it's so easy to install, all you need is a Danpalsa engineer for installation!

If you're looking for a sustainable solution for your next project, then look no further than our revolutionary new product - Controlite® Roof System! You'll never have to worry about overheating again when installing this innovative product on your home or business because it will automatically adjust throughout the day based on weather conditions and sunlight exposure levels. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!
Controlite Polycarbonate roofing for light control

Increase the potential for savings with the Controlite® Roof

Features of the Polycarbonate roofing daylight system include being able to adjust louvres positioning throughout the day. This will transmit variable amounts of daylight, depending on how many are opened at a given time. The intelligent system balances levels and solar heat while diffusing light in an efficient manner that creates comfortable indoor environments with lower energy consumption as well as integrating sustainable Eco-friendly design features into its construction material selection process for added environmental benefits, making this rooftop solution very appealing indeed!
The Controlite® roofing system can help you save money on your monthly utility bills
controlite how it works Polycarbonate roofing in South Africa
controlite light control for polycarbonate facade and polycarbonate roofing
Product Advantages
A space that feels more comfortable and less like a greenhouse.
Controlite® is a new translucent roof system that uses motorised internal louvres to give complete control over the transfer of heat into a building while optimising daylight transmission levels. The Controlite panels are made up of two polycarbonate panels; one special panel with operable, automatic louvers underneath Danpalon's Microcell 16mm thick 1040mm wide glazing panels which provide weather protection and glass-like transparency for natural lightening without compromising on temperature regulation or energy efficiency

Controlite®, an innovative product, provides you total control when it comes to regulating your buildings' interior climate conditions as well as excellent insulation properties in order to keep them at optimum temperatures despite external changes like extreme cold or hot sun.
Your home or office will be significantly cooler in the summer and warmer in winter because of our Danpalon® technology's sensitive light adjustment
Controlite Polycarbonate roofing to control the light
Increase the potential for savings with the Controlite® Polycarbonate Roof
The Controlite® Roof system uses an internal sensor to detect the level of light inside a building and external sensors that register direction, along with AI software. The intelligent system then balances all factors in order for filtered light to be transmitted appropriately so as not only to make sure people are comfortable but also reduce heat gain while shading is being taken into account.
The Controlite® roofing system can help you save money on your monthly utility bills
Polycarbonate for the best of 4 seasons
Controlite® Roof system is a revolutionary roofing technology that blocks solar heat in the summer with rotating louvres and maximises daylight when it's needed most. The panels can be used to cover any larger translucent area, making them perfect for your office or home so you can enjoy optimal comfort no matter what season of year!
Comfortably enclose outdoor Patios and Decks
Cut your energy costs by up to 93% with the Controlite® Roof system. It transmits diffused light and blocks out solar heat gain, creating an environment of comfort for you all day long.
Integrate into energy-efficient building design
The Controlite® Roof system creates energy-efficient buildings, earning points for green building ratings and making architects projects more environmentally friendly.
Unique Benefits
Comfort in changing daylight conditions
The key to being comfortable in changing daylight conditions is having a building that can maximize natural light. For this, the building must be designed carefully with internal louvres and no visible aluminium connections on the exterior side. The roof of such a structure should also cover large areas so as not to exclude any room from sunlight exposure or heat distribution because it's wintertime! This design will withstand weather extremes too - both hot summers and cold winters alike are powerless against its sophisticated construction features like high thermal insulation which ensures air tightness for energy savings while maintaining sustainable designs by making mechanisms easy-to-access without compromising aesthetics.
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