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Light architecture for your specific project design

Let Danpalsa help you make your office or home more comfortable and sustainable with our natural lighting

Daylight is important to our health, well-being and comfort. It also adds beauty and makes our buildings more sustainable by reducing energy use by using artificial lighting. Creating a balance between light and shade can help us get just enough daylight into buildings and make a statement at the same time!
Danpalsa Microcell polycarbonate panels are manufactured with innovative extrusion technology

Architects - Make your clients' buildings more attractive with our innovative daylighting solutions

If you are looking for creative daylighting solutions that allow architects and designers to experiment with natural light in inventive ways, then Danpal has the right solution.

Natural lighting can make a big difference for your health, energy level, and productivity

Natural lighting can be beneficial to your clients. Here are some of the benefits: increased alertness, enhanced performance and productivity, improved moods/morale, reduced fatigue and less eyestrain.

Providing the highest quality materials possible, making your project a success

We work alongside architects and other key stakeholders to develop customised lighting solutions. We consult with you every step of the process, from design to delivery. Our team is here to make sure that you receive only the highest quality materials for your projects. Let us know how we can help today!
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