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Polycarbonate Facade - Daylight Control

Light adjustment that is sensitive!

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Facade System

We all know the sun is powerful but it’s not always available when we need its energy. That's why we created Controlite® Façade - an intelligent daylighting solution that transforms your façades into dynamic walls of thermal dynamics! Our product automatically adjusts its position throughout any given day to transmit optimal amounts to the interiors; saving you up 40% on electricity costs!

Because this constructed architecture doesn't require major work on-site, there is less environmental impact, less glass, it can hide unwanted elements, offers UV protection and, it all starts with a polycarbonate panel!

controlite Polycarbonate facade

What is a Polycarbonate Translucent Facade?

A translucent facade is a light glazing panel used on the exterior of buildings and has become an increasingly popular choice for building exteriors in recent years. Polycarbonate protects the structure from weather damage, dampness and erosion. From a design aspect, polycarbonate microcells create a soft, naturally diffused light with a wide range of possible colours, brightness and opacities. This makes it an ideal material for use in translucent facades. A translucent facade sometimes can include polycarbonate sheets to hide unsightly building elements or, illuminate buildings - ideas to consider for your next project!
controlite how it works Polycarbonate roofing in South Africa

We keep your employees happy and healthy

Imagine working in an office that uses the sun's natural light, saves on energy bills and protects you from harmful UV Rays. Our architectural projects with polycarbonate are up to three times lighter than traditional cladding. They can withstand impact and ensure maximum thermal conduction.
controlite light control for polycarbonate facade and polycarbonate roofing
Product Advantages
Provides highly efficient, low maintenance savings for your business
Dynamic façade solutions comprise of two polycarbonate panels: the Control-lite panel (polycarbonate sheets) with operable internal louvres behind Danpalon® Microcell 16mm thick 1040mm wide polycarbonate panels that create a visually clean flush external finish that protect buildings.

The solutions use motorised internal louvres to give complete control over the transfer of the sun's natural light into a building while optimising daylight transmission levels. This creates longer lasting outdoor spaces when integrated outdoors as an extension to living areas or commercial premises.
Reduced need for artificial lighting
Controlite® Façades provide durable, high impact resistance from a translucent polycarbonate roof, reducing the need for artificial lighting. The sun’s position outside is monitored by an external sensor and inside sensors register how much sunlight enters into a building thereby protecting those inside on a regular basis. Using this data, Controlites regulate indoor daylight levels to ensure comfort all day long.
4 seasons at their best
Maximise daylight during winter and block solar heat in summer with Controlite® Façade. This innovative roofing system can expand over a new building, concrete surface, multiple offices areas or over a sign. By fixing a structure in place we often hide other unwanted elements. Other benefits include less materials, air gap for natural ventilation, room dividers that can hang from the ceiling. There is no limit on ideas with a polycarbonate panel.
Allows you to manage all of your indoor environment needs
The Controlite® Façade system adapts throughout the day to changing light conditions for effective indoor lighting. With this product, you will have a reduced need for air-conditioning and heating which could save your company money in energy costs!
Reduces glare and light pollution through integration and an intelligent system that adjusts position throughout the day
The Controlite® Façade system is a breakthrough in sustainable design. By integrating it with the exterior of buildings, architects and designers can earn credit points from green building rating systems while reducing their impact on the environment.
Unique Benefits
Comfort in changing light conditions
The facade is an innovative window and wall system that provides unique levels of daylight, energy savings, sustainability design, comfort in changing light conditions for the user. The façade offers optimal thermal insulation to withstand extreme climates with a variable level of light transmission through internal louvres positioned on the exterior side only—no visible aluminium connections are seen from outside your building! This minimizes air leakage while allowing large areas to be covered without compromising natural temperature management due to high heat retention properties inherent in its polycarbonate sheets.
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