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Skylight roof

The Three Types of a Skylight roof

We offer a range of quality design skylight products, letting loads of natural light into your environment!

Commercial roof windows

Danpalsa has revolutionized the commercial skylight market with its innovative range of roof windows products. The Dynamic and Translucent Skylights are designed to balance structural demands for industry professionals, while also being architecturally progressive in design at all times!

Modular Roof Windows

The possibilities are nearly endless with a modular Skylight roof, the new skylight system is made for architects and builders looking to break free from traditional thinking. The modules can be combined in a number of skylight configurations that create perfect solutions no matter what kind of building!

Smart Skylights and Roof Windows

The best way to keep a home fresh, clean and loaded with light is with skylights. Danpalsa, through its commitment to beautiful architecture for healthy living, has developed a new technology that allows the experience of your skylight with custom natural light!

Enjoy more daylight with roof windows

Installed Skylights can be a really great addition to your home by allowing sunlight into your space. Skylights can improve your health and make your living space feel larger. They also offer privacy, since you get a view of the natural world while people outside cannot see in.  Plus, they boost your mood and just might help lower energy costs!

Common skylight topics

Too Bright

If you don't enjoy brightness, then maybe skylights are not for you. The best rooms for skylights are kitchens and bathrooms. However, you may want to think twice about a skylight installation on the roof of a bedroom or TV room.

When looking at a residential installation, talk to the Awning Warehouse about size, what direction your roof faces and diffused light so that you may determine the right positioning for your skylights.

Solar Heat Gain

To increase the amount of light in your house, it's simple, put a Skylight on the roof of your home. That way, the light will pour in! If you want it to be energy efficient, you need to minimize solar heat gain. You can do this with quality Danpalon products that are available from Awning Warehouse which includes some of the most energy efficient range of roof windows on the market.

Benefits of skylights

Skylights and roof windows can give a lot of advantages to people who live in a house. They can make the house worth more money and, they can help with certain things like if the room is too dark or stuffy.

Skylights can help you with natural light and solar heating.

When sunshine comes in, it makes people feel better. It can also help during the winter because you are using sunlight to heat your home instead of something else.

Installed roof windows can let in fresh air

Open your windows to let in the fresh air. You can also have skylights that open. This will help with cross ventilation when the room is stuffy, and it will also cool down your living space without turning on the air conditioner.

Save energy naturally

Some ways to save energy are to use natural sources, like the sun. Cross ventilation can cool down spaces in your house. Make sure that you have a skylight and it could help with both!

Mounted skylights on a roof for a higher value

Small changes to the inside of your house can help make it higher in value. Changes like adding a skylight can make the shape of some rooms more attractive.

Adding space naturally

You can make the room seem bigger by adding skylights. They show you what is outside at night like the sky or nature, which makes the room seem more spacious.

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