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Polycarbonate awnings

Do you love natural light but not the damaging UV rays that comes with it? Or, do you just want something architecturally pleasing for shop fronts? Look no further than multiwall polycarbonate and acrylic awnings.

Polycarbonate Roofing Freespan in South Africa
Polycarbonate Roofing Freespan in South Africa

What are polycarbonate awnings and what are they used for?

It is a type of awning that is made from polycarbonate, a type of plastic. They are often used as an alternative to metal or glass awnings, as they are more durable and can better withstand harsh South African climate. This type of awning is a cost effective installation solution as well as a quick installation.

But what are they used for?

These impact resistant awnings provide shelter and can protect windows and doors. There are many modern designs available.

Polycarbonate roofing compact for schools and entrances
Polycarbonate roofing compact for schools and entrances

How do polycarbonate awnings work and what are their benefits over other types of awnings?

These awnings work by deflecting damaging UV rays away from windows or doors. This helps to reduce interior temperatures. Polycarbonate awnings provide 99 UV protection whilst allowing natural light to come through. That can also help to reduce fading of furniture, curtains and flooring.

One of the main benefits of a polycarbonate awning is that it is much more durable than other types of awnings, making them ideal for use in an outdoor area, they protect against the sun, rain and hail due to the high impact resistance factor that is polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate awnings can handle a heavy wind load. PVC brackets are used and they are injection moulded from specialised polymer plastic. The brackets are powder coated which protects these awnings against rust and corrosion.

polycarbonate roofing sheets used at Total Elspark
Total Elspark

Are there any potential drawbacks to using polycarbonate awnings in your home or business establishment?

One potential drawback of polycarbonate awnings is that they can become damaged or scratched over time. This is not a major issue.

Abrasive and alkaline cleaning products should be avoided as polycarbonate is very sensitive to it.

What is the process of installing a polycarbonate awning, and what are the costs involved?

The process of installing a polycarbonate awning is typically not difficult and doesn’t take long.

The cost depends on your selection of material, size and complexity of your awning installation. A very wide awning will be more expensive than awnings with standard widths.

Aluminium brackets are not as cost effective but it doesn’t mean polycarbonate isn’t an affordable awning solution.

Where can you find more information about polycarbonate awnings?

Visit our website to find information about the manufacturing process of these awnings as well as multiwall polycarbonate awnings, acrylic awnings and more.

No more closing the curtains to hide the sun and rain. Contact us today to make a change and remember to stay out of the damaging ultraviolet rays.

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