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Framed Roofing

Prefabricated, self supporting polycarbonate roofing

Impact Resistant Roof System

Everbright® Roof System: The Self-Supporting Solution.
The Everbright® roof system can span over 4 meters in typical South African conditions without intermediate framing, and the 74mm deep polycarbonate panels offer soft diffused light while still offering a degree of transparency, thermal insulation and full UV protection.

Polycarbonate that is Safe, Tough and Durable

Everbright insulated prefabricated polycarbonate roofing

Roofing for any size of home or business

Everbright® roof panels are pre-fabricated and can be assembled as a dry-glazed system. This greatly reduces on-site construction time because the Everbright® panes come in variable width configurations, up to 12 metres long!
Product Advantages

Labour-Saving - Easy to install and leak proof

The Everbright® Roof system is capable of spanning over 4 metres in typical South African conditions without any intermediate framing. The 74mm deep panels can be made up to 12 meters long and often eliminate the need for step joints, meaning less construction time on-site as well as eliminating dust and moisture build-ups from occurring during installation. Along with a quick dry glazing process that means there's no risk or waiting around while adhesive sets before installing your roofing materials, you'll have an attractive new polycarbonate roof quickly!

Seamless joins for an even finish

Everbright® panels are 74mm deep translucent open cells that specially interlock together, allowing architects and designers to achieve seamless joins without losing structural integrity. This unique dome shape profile promotes self-cleaning and does not require visual intermediate framing which offers an even finish on both sides of the panel for a soft diffused light with brilliant thermic insulation properties that will cut your energy consumption by up to 80%.

Environmentally sustainable

The Everbright panels are made from a natural material so it is self-supporting, requiring no additional supports or fixtures. From the get go this saves on manufacturing costs and waste while giving you an environmentally sustainable building with better green energy ratings since there's less need for artificial lighting, heating and cooling to be used.
Unique Benefits

Our unique profile is prefabricated with a dynamic clean look and superior span

When it comes to the construction of buildings, there are a variety of shapes and sizes. Some projects might require curved surfaces while others will need straight planes. That's why we have come up with an innovative solution that can handle both types! With our "unique dome shape profile" design you'll be able to create overhanging sections without running into trouble when constructing other parts like arches or beams which would have been impossible in previous designs because they lacked upper curvature for curves and bottom arc radius for straights-both essential components only found on our unique domes! The result is great strength from our polycarbonate roofing.
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