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Danpal Everbright Roofing Facade: The Strong Unique Building Solution

When it comes to creating extraordinary architectural designs that seamlessly blend natural light and thermal comfort, Danpal® is a name that stands out. One of their exceptional solutions is the Danpal® Everbright, a self-supporting building system that offers a range of benefits that set it apart from the rest.

Strength and Versatility

Danpal® Everbright is engineered to be a strong and self-supporting building solution. With the ability to free span up to 12 metres in curved applications and 4.38 metres in skillion roof facade applications, it eliminates the need for intermediate framing. That provides a clean and seamless aesthetic look. Its 74mm deep panels not only offer excellent structural integrity but also provide soft, naturally diffused light, creating an inviting and comfortable interior space. Despite the panels’ translucency, they still maintain a degree of transparency, allowing for privacy without compromising on daylight.

Superior Fire Performance

The system has been designed to meet stringent fire safety standards, ensuring the utmost protection for building occupants and valuable assets. Additionally, the Everbright Roofing Facade offers excellent thermal insulation, helping with energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. With its full UV protection, the system preserves the longevity and appearance of the structure, making it an ideal choice for both roofs and walls.

Effortless Installation

Danpal understands the importance of efficiency in construction projects. That’s why the Everbright Roofing Facade is designed as a dry-glazed system, allowing for quick and hassle-free assembly. By eliminating the need for wet sealing, the installation process is significantly accelerated, reducing onsite construction times and minimizing disruptions to other trades. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures a high-quality, weatherproof installation that stands the test of time.

System Advantages

The Everbright Building Solution boasts a range of benefits that make it an exceptional choice for architects, builders, and property owners:

  1. Excellent Fire Performance: Meeting rigorous fire safety standards, the system ensures optimal protection and peace of mind.
  2. High Insulation: The Everbright Roofing Facade delivers outstanding thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption and creating a comfortable indoor environment.
  3. Easy Installation: The dry-glazed system simplifies the installation process, saving time and reducing construction-related disruptions.
  4. Rigid and Safe: The self-supporting design of the Everbright Roofing Facade guarantees structural stability and safety for occupants.
  5. Waterproof: With its superior waterproofing capabilities, the system ensures durability and protects the integrity of the building.
  6. Straight and Curved Applications: Whether you require straight or curved designs, the Everbright Roofing Facade offers versatility to bring your architectural vision to life.
  7. Suitable for Roofs and Walls: The system can be used for both roofing and wall applications, providing consistent aesthetics throughout the building.
  8. Large Spans: With its impressive spanning capabilities, the Everbright Roofing Facade offers design flexibility and opens up possibilities for spacious interior areas.
  9. 74mm Thickness: The substantial thickness of the panels ensures structural strength and longevity.

More About Danpal

Danpal Facade System Morning Glen Mall South Africa

Danpal has been at the forefront of architectural innovation for over three decades. The company’s expertise lies in creating light-transmitting architectural systems for building envelopes, empowering architects to transform light into a versatile tool for radiant architectural creations.

Offering a complete range of daylighting systems, including facades, cladding, roofs, skylights, shading, and interior and outdoor applications, Danpal® continues to inspire architectural creativity with its extensive selection of light architecture solutions.


With the Danpal® Everbright, architects and builders have access to a strong, self-supporting building solution that combines aesthetics, functionality, and ease of installation. Trust Danpal® to provide you with a complete solution that transforms light into an extraordinary architectural tool.

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