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Interior polycarbonate wall cladding – a perfect solution

Is your home or office space feeling a bit tired? Want to make a change? Interior polycarbonate wall cladding is just what you need. A new and flexible material, polycarbonate's ability to be cut and moulded into any shape inspires creativity and opens up a world of possibilities.

Best suited to modern or contemporary spaces, interior polycarbonates are visually lightweight and thin, adding depth to your walls without compromising on space.

Add a sense of three dimensions to dull spaces with wall panels

Interior polycarbonate cladding offers the perfect solution for any home or office looking to inject a sense of vitality into their interiors by adding another dimension. The material has a three-dimensional quality ensuring your rooms will feel less flat, more tactile and dynamic - just what you need to turn your living or working space into an exciting, dynamic environment.

Polycarbonate cladding is a great way to decorate your home or office

Adding that 'wow' factor, interior polycarbonate cladding can be used to create large scale impact within any interior setting. Whether you're looking to delineate different areas of a room, create feature walls or emphasise certain architectural points (such as around door frames), the possibilities are endless.

Polycarbonate cladding can also be used to create partitions or run along corridors, adding colour and interest to the most functional of spaces. It is time to forget Timber cladding or wood cladding.

Polycarbonate wall cladding offers the flexibility you need for interior design

It's flexible Interior polycarbonate wall cladding is a modern material that offers flexibility both aesthetically and practically. By creating an entirely different look, you could opt for varying finishes, from smooth lines to sharp angular shapes.

Polycarbonate wall cladding can also be used to create a floating shelf or a small divider, adding a fashionable and practical twist to your design.

Polycarbonate wall cladding boasts amazing advantages and low maintenance

Working with the latest technology, interior polycarbonate wall cladding is produced using a dynamic and unique process. The resulting product boasts amazing stability, corrosion resistance and great sound insulation properties.

Polycarbonate wall cladding is completely recyclable, with each panel allowing you to create your own bespoke design. Polycarbonate wall cladding is available in many colours and diverse range with smooth or LED light finishes, making it easily aesthetically pleasing to any installation.

The perfect solution for the wow factor in your construction project

Polycarbonate wall cladding is a modern, stylish and versatile new material. Polycarbonate cladding can be cut, moulded and used to make unique shapes, adding depth and intrigue to any space. Polycarbonate wall cladding adds texture to your home without compromising on space or style - it's the perfect solution to creating the wow factor in your space. Polycarbonate wall cladding is easily installed, with a lightweight design that doesn't have any hard-wearing limitations. Interior polycarbonate wall cladding can be cut and formed into any shape for unique installations, adding an exciting effect to any room.

CREATE THE ILLUSION OF HEIGHT with interior Polycarbonate wall cladding

There are three ways for a wall to look higher than it actually is:

1. Vertical paneling/stripes

2. Long horizontal stripes

3. Raised ceilings

All three methods rely on the viewer's brain interpreting what it sees in a certain way, and can be achieved using polycarbonate paneling or, by creating a raised ceiling.

Polycarbonate cladding is a versatile and cost-effective way of creating the illusion of height and can be used in a number of different spaces including lofts, studios, spare rooms, bedrooms or even in kitchens or bathrooms. The open framework does not inhibit natural light from entering the room whilst still providing privacy when required.

Expand your living space by using wall cladding as shelving

Interior wall cladding is a subtle way to add an extra layer of interest to beautifully styled vignettes. It works particularly well in homes and offices looking to channel a modern Hamptons or French provincial style, where the designers worked to create warm, lived-in looks.

Interior polycarbonate cladding can also help divide rooms into multiple areas, which is great for studios and smaller homes. Interior cladding can be made from a number of materials, including Polycarbonate interior ceilings and walls to create an inexpensive solution that's still highly durable.

Some cladding is even designed with openings, making it easy to display your favourite items. Polycarbonate makes the perfect backdrop for shelving, which can be used to display art, books, vessels and more.

Interior wall cladding adds depth to the room and helps create your desired mood by shading light in different ways. Interior wall cladding panels are great for larger spaces because they are quick and easy to install - they simply click into place.

We provide the perfect backdrop for any modern design

It's important to have a focal point in your living room, an example of that is from a recent project that got it right with a stunning arch. Polycarbonate wall paneling adds dimension to the space above the door as well as draws your eye towards the centre of the room.

Interior wall cladding is a posh way of saying sheets of plastic stuck on walls - perfect for modern decorating trends.

Your home is your castle

Add dimension with Interior Cladding

A room with large windows and Venetian plaster walls is beautiful in and of itself. Interior cladding, however, gives the space a much needed textural interest that helps it stand out from others of a similar style. Polycarbonate panels add texture to the architectural design when paired with high gloss white polycarbonate panelling on the ceiling.

Our cladding is designed to hold sheets of polycarbonate in place against brick or drywall. Cladding provides warmth and dimension where you need it most in your home's design especially in an open-concept styled space.


Cladding - Solutions for exceptionally waterproof protection with superior insulation

Claddings are a perfect solution to protect your building from the elements. Get an exceptional product that is light, visually attractive and provides you relief from all of those pesky leaks!

For a modern and environmentally friendly building, there are many different options to consider, but you might be surprised at the range of materials available. Cladding is an example that provides exceptionally light protection with superior insulation qualities for your home or business. It's also visually attractive so it will work well on large commercial buildings too!

Standard benefits:

Standard benefits:


The term "shading" does not just refer to blocking the sun's rays, but it also includes protection from UV radiation. Shading solutions offer ultimate control over thermal dynamics as well as superior durability with added benefits of a great look.

Shading solutions that offer ultimate control over thermal and solar dynamics, as well as superior durability and UV protection. These are the best-kept secrets of homeowners who want to optimize their homes' performance in any weather condition while remaining on top of trends.


It's not only aesthetically pleasing but also achieves an ambiance you can't find anywhere else!

Brands like Uber, Tesla and Apple have all launched their own electric car models. These cars are environmentally-friendly due to the lack of gas powered engines in favor for batteries that power a motor located at the front or back axle which forces an electric current through its coils producing magnetic fields able to move metal objects without contact.

We live in an age where technology is pushing boundaries every day with innovative solutions such as Elon Musk's newest invention: The Boring Company! This company has begun work on what they call "a set of technologies", called boring machines, drills welders and jack hammers used together simultaneously to dig tunnels quickly so people can avoid wasting time sitting around traffic jams trying desperately not get stuck behind a garbage truck carrying stinky trash


The best translucent façade solutions on the market. Enable simple, quick and effective installation of affordable high-quality facades for any building

The best translucent façade solutions on the market. Enable simple, quick and effective installation of any building's exterior with these innovative products for a beautiful finish!

The most innovate solution to creating facades is here: The Translucent Facade Solutions line by Tranexco. Easy one-step application makes it possible to install anywhere quickly and efficiently - without sacrificing quality in design or execution.

Translucent façades are the future of architecture. They can be installed in just a few hours and will add life to any building.

The best translucent façade solutions on the market enable simple, quick and effective installation of building facades.

The high-quality opaque panels fit most types of buildings including office towers, residential apartments or dorms. This is due to their versatility in sizes and shapes that can be customized for any project without compromising efficiency during installation process as they are easy to assemble with a minimum amount material handling equipment needed for install.

Standard benefits:

Standard benefits:

Standard benefits:

Standard benefits:

Attention: Facade is the world leader in translucent façade systems.

Interest: We have been designing and manufacturing quality products for over 25 years, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Our expertise in this field means we can offer you an extensive range of solutions to suit your needs, from our standard product line-up to bespoke designs tailored specifically for your project.

Desire: With so many options available, it’s important that you find the right solution for your building or renovation project – one that will provide both aesthetic appeal and practicality. That’s why we offer a free consultation service with one of our experts who will be happy to advise on which system would work best for you. And if you need any help at all during installation, we also offer full installation services as well as maintenance contracts to ensure everything runs smoothly once installed.

Action: Get in touch today by calling 01234 567890 or emailing info@facadeuk.com!

Danpatherm is a new type of building that can be put up quickly and has the capability to light up at night.

CONTROLITE offers a new, innovative system for controlling the amount of natural light in your home.

Danpal is a very strong material that is transparent and lightweight

The Everbright system is a lattice-like structure that has the ability to be easily assembled and can be used as an alternative for dry-glazed systems, while still being able to provide good fire performance.

Everbright Facade is a pre-fabricated glazing without visible joints.

The Everbright Facade is a pre-fabricated glazing without visible joints.

Everbright - Building your own home can be a daunting task. One of the more difficult aspects is getting all the materials needed to build it, and then assembling them in an aesthetically pleasing way so that you have something worth living in at the end. Self-supporting building solutions are made specifically for this purpose - they're easy to install because there's no need for intermediate framing, which means less work on site! It provides natural diffused light due to its 74mm deep panels while still providing some level of transparency; what better environment than one where nature flows through seamlessly? The system also offers excellent fire performance as well as thermal insulation with UV protection included too!

Title: Everbright® Façades creates clean, large-spanning facades

The South African construction company Everbright Facade has created a new facade design that spans over 4 metres in typical Australian conditions without intermediate framing. This eliminates the need for transom joints in most cases and allows panels to be up to 12 metres long. The 74mm deep polycarbonate panels are manufactured off-site in factory conditions which eliminates the risk of dust or moisture build-up. They can also be easily installed on any type of building due to their lightweight nature. These features have made them popular with architects as well as property developers all around Australia who want attractive buildings with low maintenance requirements.

Everbright has many features that make it a unique and innovative product. The dome shape profile promotes self-cleaning, meaning the product does not need to be cleaned by any outside source; and Everbright offers an even surface on both sides of the pane with soft light that is naturally diffused. These properties allow for high thermal insulation (low U-Value) as well as finishes which increase insulation or performance in various climates such as snow zones.

Everbright Benefits

-Extremely lightweight panels that can be used for large buildings, also they have the option to make as long as 12 metres without needing joints
-A product that is easy to install and will not show dust or moisture build up, therefore there are no worries of quality losses due to its surroundings
-The deep sturdy frames on the panel mean it is less likely for a door or window frame to damage the panel


A roof is the one thing that protects your home from all of nature's elements. It can be hard to find a high-quality, durable solution because there are so many different types and features available! But we have it covered with our wide selection of products which provide protection for any climate, in addition to impact resistance as well as flexibility when designing. With over 300 colors and textures in stock you'll never run out of options either; just head on down or give us a call today!

We offer the best possible solutions for protecting against whatever weather may come your way while also providing an exciting range creative possibilities thanks to its durability, versatility and colour availability no matter what you're looking for - whether large commercial projects or residential

No roof is too big or small for our team of professionals. With solutions that protect you from the elements and provide high impact resistance, flexibility and an exciting range of creative possibilities in mind; we will work with your budget as well as any other needs to get everything done on time!


Architects of the future will be working with new and innovative materials to create buildings that can transform not only themselves but also their environment. These architects are pushing boundaries in architecture by using, for example, flexible textures applied on concrete surfaces or LEDs projected onto building facades to make them change colors throughout the day. They're even creating structures like light-filled galleries where you don't need any natural lighting sources at all because they use artificial lights instead!

Solutions emerge that allow you to explore new possibilities for designing buildings filled with light. Ideas like installing solar panels on the roof, greater utilization of natural lighting in different forms and angles or adding skylights are all ways architects can design a building from an environmental perspective using sustainable solutions while also benefiting aesthetically

I am going to design my own house!

Standard benefits:

In the business of keeping buildings cool, our company has been around for as long as we can remember. We provide a variety of services, from design to installation and everything in between. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have created a range of products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you need a solution for your skylight or just want to replace your cladding with something new, come talk to us at Awning Warehouse today!  Our services include design consultation and full-service fabrication which means that you have one less thing to worry about when it comes time for installation.

Always On Time For Your Facade Project

Awning Warehouse is a one-stop facade solutions shop for all your architectural façade needs. From Cape Town to Johannesburg, we have you covered. Whether you're looking to install an exterior wall system, interior panel installation or solar shading roof, we can help!

Architectural companies can use our lightweight façade systems to create innovative architectural designs

The production of challenging facade designs by architects requires creativity from Awning Warehouse when turning ideas into reality. Our façade systems which consist primarily of microcell panels and larger geometric shapes, can create freedom with simple structures that are load-bearing as well as lightweight.

It isn’t always easy making architecture look beautiful while keeping weight down but here at Awning Warehouse we have our facade solutions under control and stay updated with current trends.

Want a building that's environmentally friendly but also beautiful? Our engineers will show you how it can work

The future of Construction projects is here. Building on the idea that we should use materials in our construction projects which can later be reused, or recycled for other uses. Aluminium and many metals are used as well because they're easy recycling options compared with other alternatives like concrete. It's all part of making sustainable buildings while still looking stylish too!

More information about Faced Solutions here.

The Three Types of a Skylight roof

We offer a range of quality design skylight products, letting loads of natural light into your environment!

Commercial roof windows

Danpalsa has revolutionized the commercial skylight market with its innovative range of roof windows products. The Dynamic and Translucent Skylights are designed to balance structural demands for industry professionals, while also being architecturally progressive in design at all times!

Modular Roof Windows

The possibilities are nearly endless with a modular Skylight roof, the new skylight system is made for architects and builders looking to break free from traditional thinking. The modules can be combined in a number of skylight configurations that create perfect solutions no matter what kind of building!

Smart Skylights and Roof Windows

The best way to keep a home fresh, clean and loaded with light is with skylights. Danpalsa, through its commitment to beautiful architecture for healthy living, has developed a new technology that allows the experience of your skylight with custom natural light!

Enjoy more daylight with roof windows

Installed Skylights can be a really great addition to your home by allowing sunlight into your space. Skylights can improve your health and make your living space feel larger. They also offer privacy, since you get a view of the natural world while people outside cannot see in.  Plus, they boost your mood and just might help lower energy costs!

Common skylight topics

Too Bright

If you don't enjoy brightness, then maybe skylights are not for you. The best rooms for skylights are kitchens and bathrooms. However, you may want to think twice about a skylight installation on the roof of a bedroom or TV room.

When looking at a residential installation, talk to the Awning Warehouse about size, what direction your roof faces and diffused light so that you may determine the right positioning for your skylights.

Solar Heat Gain

To increase the amount of light in your house, it's simple, put a Skylight on the roof of your home. That way, the light will pour in! If you want it to be energy efficient, you need to minimize solar heat gain. You can do this with quality Danpalon products that are available from Awning Warehouse which includes some of the most energy efficient range of roof windows on the market.

Benefits of skylights

Skylights and roof windows can give a lot of advantages to people who live in a house. They can make the house worth more money and, they can help with certain things like if the room is too dark or stuffy.

Skylights can help you with natural light and solar heating.

When sunshine comes in, it makes people feel better. It can also help during the winter because you are using sunlight to heat your home instead of something else.

Installed roof windows can let in fresh air

Open your windows to let in the fresh air. You can also have skylights that open. This will help with cross ventilation when the room is stuffy, and it will also cool down your living space without turning on the air conditioner.

Save energy naturally

Some ways to save energy are to use natural sources, like the sun. Cross ventilation can cool down spaces in your house. Make sure that you have a skylight and it could help with both!

Mounted skylights on a roof for a higher value

Small changes to the inside of your house can help make it higher in value. Changes like adding a skylight can make the shape of some rooms more attractive.

Adding space naturally

You can make the room seem bigger by adding skylights. They show you what is outside at night like the sky or nature, which makes the room seem more spacious.

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